Jay Wiseman's BDSM-related Essays

This page is devoted to being the "start here" point for my BDSM-related essays.

My Essays on the so-called "Old Guard.

My famous/infamous essays on Breath Control Play.

Commotio cordis is the term for a sudden cardiac arrest caused by a blow to the chest. Commotio Cordis and SM Play.

Beginner's Guide to BDSM Munches.

The Vampires Among Us.

This article was the main one on my former website, "Submissive Women Kvetch": Ten Tips For The Novice Single Heterosexual Submissive Woman.

Assessment and Treatment of "Fainting" During BDSM Play.

Ten Tips For Novice Dungeon Monitors.

Self Bondage.

EMS Backboard as Suspension Bondage Rescue Device.

Liability Aspects of Teaching "Do Try This At Home" BDSM Programs.

Are We Men A Bunch Of Lying Pricks?

BDSM Humor Essays.

More essays, on many more topics, will be uploaded soon.

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