This is the "Official" Home of Jay Wiseman's Essays On Breath Control (and a few other writings)

My first "official" writing on breath control play, was published in 1992 in the first edition of "SM 101: A Realistic Introduction" and can also be found here.

My main essay on the topic, "The Medical Realities of Breath Control Play" can be found here.

This was followed "a while later" by my "Precaution B" essay, which can be found here.

(No, other than my original essay and my "Medical Realities" essay, I don't actually remember when the others were published, other than they were all written in the mid-to-late 1990s, except where noted otherwise.)

At about the same time, my speculative article on the role that adrenalin and other drugs might play was written. It can be found here.

This was followed relatively quickly by another speculative article on the role that adrenalin might play. That article can be found here.

If memory serves, my final essay on that topic in that particular series was one on the issue of possible cumulative brain damage from engaging in repeated episodes of breath control. That essay can be found here.

Here is found an essay by police use of force expert Massad Ayoob. While it has some flaws (for all his expertise, Mr. Ayoob is clearly not a medical person), it is one of the best articles I have found on the topic, and contains THE best description of the "secondary" complications of being choked or strangled that I have ever found in the literature. Back to the Massad Ayoob Article

A list of medical citations and other resources regarding breath play can be found here.

Some additional medical information can be found here.

Excerpts from Dr. Bernard Knight's forensic pathology book, including his classic chapter on "fatal neck pressure," can be found here.

Chapters 14 and 15 from Dr. Knight's textbook can possibly be read in their entirety here. (Be advised that many of the photos therein are rather grisly.)

Here is a paper I wrote in early 2010 that illustrates the back-and-forth in the forensic pathology literature regarding the likelihood of a vagal-induced cardiac arrest from a chokehold. Forensic Pathology Discussion.

My most recent writing (July, 2010) titled: Jay Wiseman's "Closing Argument" on Breath Play can be found here.

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