Jay Wiseman Teaches Basic Rope Bondage.

Jay Wiseman Teaches Basic Rope Bondage

With the incredibly able assistance of several amazing people, I have produced a video called "Jay Wiseman Teaches Basic Rope Bondage." Please permit me to say that it looks, IMO, pretty darn snazzy. Folks, this was a LOT of work -- much more than I anticipated -- but I'm really proud of and happy with the final result. I think it will be an especially valuable resource for people wishing to explore bondage.

The video is a comprehensive introduction to basic rope bondage. In many respects, it is an enriched, expanded version of my highly popular "rope bondage you can actually use" program that I have presented before dozens of BDSM groups across the country. With a running time of more than two hours and twenty minutes (more than twice as long as the typical video in this genre), it goes into detail regarding the who, what, where, when, why, and how of rope bondage.

The "how" section is divided into the before, during and after phases, including the preparation, cleaning, and storage of rope. Knots especially useful for bondage are clearly and repeatedly demonstrated, including the square knot, surgeon's knot, lark's head, cat's paw, and the figure-eight knot tied in a doubled rope.

Because the video assumes no prior knowledge of bondage (or of BDSM in general) on the part of the viewer, it also covers broader topics, including tips on creating a good atmosphere, silent alarms/safe calls, safewords, risk management, check-ins, aftercare, post-play feedback, and other overall aspects of BDSM play. There are even a few "blooper" out-takes included at the very end!

The actual rope bondage techniques presented include three single-limb cuffs, three double-limb cuffs (including a fiendishly simple yet incredibly effective ankle tie), spread-eagle techniques, three different arm harnesses, including a breast bondage variant and an arm harness for larger-size bottoms, plus different methods of applying a hogtie. These techniques are demonstrated repeatedly on both men and women, thus making them easier to learn. It's almost as good as having me there to give you personal instruction!

There is some nudity and, of course, some bondage, but no explicit sex or heavy SM. Actually, overall the video is very similar to what you might see if you attended a typical BDSM educational presentation.

You can purchase a copy from me in either DVD or VHS format -- please specify which! -- for $34.05 ($30.00 for the video and $4.05 for first class postage). Please contact me at jaywiseman@yahoo.com for ordering instructions. Orders accompanied by a money order will be shipped immediately. Orders accompanied by a personal check will be held until the check clears.

I'll be happy to autograph the video. If you'd like me to personally autograph it to someone, including you, I'll be happy to do that. Please provide me with the name of the person (make sure you get the spelling right) and -- if you know -- whether they're a beginner or experienced and whether their primary orientation is that of a top, a bottom, or a switch.

Special two-for-one shipping offer: I'll ship any two of my books/videos for the flat rate priority mail price of $4.05

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